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          About A View On Cities

          Goal of the site

          's goal is to provide information about cities in the world that are worth visiting. This should give you a (subjective) idea of what's worth seeing around the world. The site focuses on major sights and attractions in the cities covered with an emphasis on architecture.

          Only a select number of cities are currently available, an overview can be found on the city index page. More cities will be added over time but due to limited resources it will probably max out at about 50 cities.

          So what makes a city 'great'?

          While obviously a subjective term, here are some of the requirements a city has to meet before it can be considered for inclusion on this site (not all of them have to be met):
          • Architecture: the city must have some interesting architecture, be it a historic castle or a modern building with architectural significance. (eg Chicago, Paris)
          • Transportation: a great city must have an extensive public transportation system (subway, streetcar, train, skytrain, monorial, waterbus) or everything must be within walking distance. In a great city, you don't need a car to get around. (eg New York City, Paris, London) If you do need a car, it's a suburb, not a city.
          • Safety: a great city must have strict gun-control laws; you can't expect visitors to take weapons with them just to feel safe. A no tolerance policy helps as well. (eg New York City, most European cities)
          • Clean: streets should not be littered with trash, few run-down buildings, clean air etc. (eg Barcelona)
          • Urban Fabric: if there's no dense urban fabric, it's not a real city - even if there are 10 million people in the municipality. (eg London, Antwerp)
          • Attractions: museums, historic sites, zoos, etc. (eg almost any large city has these)
          • Landmarks: it helps if the city has some must-see landmarks. (eg Paris's Eiffel Tower, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge)
          • Parks/Beaches: sometimes you want to get away from the bustling city; ideally there are parks and/or beaches in the city center, easily reachable by public transport or on foot. (eg Chicago's Beaches, Paris's urban Parks)
          • History: the more historic a city, the more interesting sites there are even if it aren't real tourist attractions. (eg Venice, Rome)
          • Entertainment/Shopping/Food: there should be areas (ideally pedestrianized) where you have plenty of shops, movie theaters, restaurants and caf├ęs. (eg Antwerp, Berlin)

          About 幸运网app是合法的吗s

          All content on this site is copyrighted by . You can use any image on this site free of charge as long as you comply with the guidelines outlined on this page.

          Linking to and from

          Feel free to link to this site but does not participate in link exchanges. Any such requests will be ignored.

          What's in a Name

          So why is the site called 'A View on Cities' and not 'A View of Cities'? It is not a typo. The original idea for the site - in 1998 - was to have a blog avant-la-lettre with personal opinionated views on attractions, architecture and anything urban, hence the 'view on'. It soon evolved into a more neutral point of view, but the site's name never changed to reflect this.

          Technical Notes

          This site is designed for Firefox and Chrome browsers.
          Most of the pages have been tested with the latest Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers.
          The long outdated Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 browsers are no longer supported.
          The site is hosted by .


          In 2013 received over 7 million visitors. More stats can be found on the statistics page.

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          The hotel bookings are in association with . They have a 24 hr customer care. For info on the booking process etc, check out their extensive faq page.

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